Increase Your TQ - Technology Quotient

As a professional speaker, I've met thousands of business executives every year since 2009. There are exceptions, but the vast majority of these men and women grew up in a world before technology was pervasive. While they were heads-down building their businesses, they missed the tech revolution that is now upon us.

Today, every business is a technology business even when you don't deliver a technological product or service to your end customer. If you and your team are not harnessing technology effectively, you're risking being disrupted by someone who does.

As such, it's time to increase your entire team's TQ, technology quotient, becoming more comfortable and proficient with not just today's technology, but tomorrow's.

Dave Nelsen


Dave Nelsen

I'm an engineer who communicate like I'm not an engineer. I've founded, built and successfully sold two technology companies.

Unlike many other professional speakers, I do not sell technology. I'm not "rep-ing" a product or service. Instead, I seek to educate, often about tools that you already own (e.g., smartphones).

Everything I talk about I talk about because I love it. You won't necessarily love every idea I share, but you'll find so many immediately actionable takeaways that your business will be stronger tomorrow.

If you want your business to be successful in the future, your team will have to be more analytical, with better digital skills.

However, this is not a once-and-done activity. Instead, we must all become continuous learners. Get started by inviting me to spend a morning or afternoon with your team. They'll come away with new energy for engaging with and applying technology. In short, higher TQ!



Dave Nelsen believes that every company is a technology company. Even if you don’t sell a technological end product or service, technology is how we get it done … with greater differentiation and higher profits. Dave is here to raise the TQ (technology quotient) of businesspeople. He’s delivered his five acclaimed tech talks to more than 1,500 companies and associations.

Dave got his engineering degree at Stanford in the early 80’s and spent his first career decade at Bell Labs solving the quote/unquote “Steve Jobs problem” … developing Signaling System 7 to defeat the digital “blue box” that Jobs and Woz created to make free long-distance phone calls. In the beginning, Jobs and Woz were just hackers.

In 2005, two years before Steve Jobs launched the first iPhone, Dave founded, introducing at least 10 million people to podcasting. Back then there were no iPhones, just iPods. That’s why it’s called podcasting.

Dave has been recognized as E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, as Vistage Speaker of the Year, and as TEC Canada #1 Top Speaker. You might also be interested to know that Dave makes award-winning red wine.


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